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DEC 22, 2016

KHS grad writes children’s book about struggles of raising toddlers

MILWAUKEE — Just in time for the holidays, the new children’s book, “Guess What? I Still Love You,” is out as a gift for young children and expectant parents.

The book highlights the struggles of raising toddlers, and provides humor to parents while reinforcing to the child that they are always loved.

A 2003 graduate of Kingsford High School, author Jessica Simon had the idea for the book after repeating the phrase, “Guess what? I still love you” after her toddler sons would misbehave.

Some of the topics covered in the book include, “When it’s time for you to sit and eat, and everything I made lands at your feet.Guess what? I still love you.”“When it’s time for you to nap in bed, and you whine and want to play instead.Guess what? I still love you.”“Whether you grew in my belly or in my heart, you were my child from the very start.Guess what? I really love you.”

“As parents of young children know, toddlers can sometimes (always) be crazy. Sometimes they misbehave and have to go to timeout. Sometimes they resist going to bed at night or for a nap. Sometimes they color on the walls or throw food on the floor. Sometimes they break things or scream and yell and bawl. And eventually they grow a bit older and don’t want to cuddle anymore. Through everything, their parents love them,” Simon said talking about her book.

The book is available for purchase nationwide at It will also be available globally on and after the New Year.

The KHS graduate currently lives in the Milwaukee suburbs with her husband and three children. All three children are under the age of three. She was inspired to write “Guess What? I Still Love You.” because of the way her family was formed, through adoption and biological births.

Simon added that she’s become an expert in the management of temper tantrums and food battles.

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