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You can hear and see it for the first time on video! Please check it out and if you like what you hear order your copy online!

The book is available on my publisher's site LuluAmazon, Barnes and Noble and signed copies available right here on my site! reader reviews:

“Such a sweet book to read to your little ones.”

“Such a precious message to share with little ones! Quickly became a family favorite!”

“Love this book! My son and I read it together for a bedtime story. Especially close to my heart since I adopted a few kiddos.”

“This book is adorable! We have read this book every night to our kids and they absolutely love it! This is a must have book!”

It's here, the book is finally here!

After months of waiting and waiting, Guess What? I Still Love You. is finally available to purchase in paperback and ebook. It's an incredible feeling to have a book "out there" for the world to read. It's also really amazing to have had an idea pop into my head and now to actually see that idea come to life, it's just so cool. 

I've spent a lot of nights on my computer trying to figure out how this all works. From actually writing the book to figuring out how to get it published. Then there's the setting up and managing my website and social pages which still leaves me feeling like I have no idea if I'm doing any of this "right". Even with my background in advertising and promotions, it's a steep learning curve. Thanks to all of the incredible people who have helped me not look like a total dumb dumb.

I self published with and they were incredibly helpful in figureing out what I wanted for my book and providing me with very clear steps on how to make my book an actual "thing". Heck, they're still helping me navigate getting my book out there to the masses. Thankfully they do a lot of the leg work when it comes to book availability and distribution (score!). 

To my husband who helped me do the initial edits and brainstorming, thank you, I love you! To the family and friends who helped me edit the final draft before submitting my manuscript, a million thanks to you. To the people who have provided financial support, promotional help, PR help and now the people who are sharing the news with their online communities, friends and family, THANK YOU!

I can't forget to thank the three little people that gave me the idea, Oli, Hatch and CeCe. The love I have for them is endless and eternal. I wish I could say the same about my patience but ya know, kids will do that to a person. 

Happy reading!



Received official word that Guess What? I Still Love You. has moved on to PRODUCTION! It will still be a few weeks before the book is finished though. There is a lot involved in making sure the book is ready for retail distribution but with any luck it will still be available before Christmas.

I just can't wait to get my printer copy and share this book with everyone. It's been an incredible process and I'm so very thankful for all of the kindness and support.

As I'm writing this I noticed that one of my boys is writing on the couch with a crayon so must get back to herding cats.

Cheers to the next step!

Charlie the dog is even upset.

Charlie the dog is even upset.

Content Evaluation & Copyright Completed

Good news! Content evaluation and copyrighting was supposed to take 3-4 weeks but I'm happy to report it only took TWO.  Guess What? I Still Love You. has moved on to the editing department! 

The editors will take one last look at the book before it moves into PRODUCTION! I'm so happy I could squeal! 

Release date is still set for this winter. I will keep updates here as the book moves through to completion.


Guess What? I Still Love You. is Submitted

I WROTE A BOOK! That feels so weird to write but I did, I wrote a children's book.

Guess What? I Still Love You. is a book about the quirky struggles of parenting toddlers and what unconditional love looks like.


After my first son was born I started whispering to him, "guess what?" and then I would say, "I love you." Now that I have three kids, I still do this and the two oldest will now answer my question. After I ask "guess what?" heart melting kid voice responds with, "I love you".

Since I am knee deep in terrible two's and quickly approaching the threenager phase I couldn't help but keep little notes about the crazy stuff they were doing. With each crazy thing they did my love for them never changed. It was unconditional and will always be. So, the inspiration for this book was born.

I am very excited to announce that the ball has officially started rolling!

Guess What? I Still Love You. is going to be ready for purchase THIS WINTER. Eeek!


Snapshot of one of the inside pages of    Guess What? I Still Love You. (2016 Copyright)

Snapshot of one of the inside pages of Guess What? I Still Love You. (2016 Copyright)

Snapshot of one of the inside pages of   Guess What? I Still Love You. (2016 Copyright)

Snapshot of one of the inside pages of Guess What? I Still Love You. (2016 Copyright)