It's here, the book is finally here!

After months of waiting and waiting, Guess What? I Still Love You. is finally available to purchase in paperback and ebook. It's an incredible feeling to have a book "out there" for the world to read. It's also really amazing to have had an idea pop into my head and now to actually see that idea come to life, it's just so cool. 

I've spent a lot of nights on my computer trying to figure out how this all works. From actually writing the book to figuring out how to get it published. Then there's the setting up and managing my website and social pages which still leaves me feeling like I have no idea if I'm doing any of this "right". Even with my background in advertising and promotions, it's a steep learning curve. Thanks to all of the incredible people who have helped me not look like a total dumb dumb.

I self published with and they were incredibly helpful in figureing out what I wanted for my book and providing me with very clear steps on how to make my book an actual "thing". Heck, they're still helping me navigate getting my book out there to the masses. Thankfully they do a lot of the leg work when it comes to book availability and distribution (score!). 

To my husband who helped me do the initial edits and brainstorming, thank you, I love you! To the family and friends who helped me edit the final draft before submitting my manuscript, a million thanks to you. To the people who have provided financial support, promotional help, PR help and now the people who are sharing the news with their online communities, friends and family, THANK YOU!

I can't forget to thank the three little people that gave me the idea, Oli, Hatch and CeCe. The love I have for them is endless and eternal. I wish I could say the same about my patience but ya know, kids will do that to a person. 

Happy reading!