The short story: 

Jessica lives in Grand Rapids, MI with her husband and three kids. All three kids are under the age of four so they live in a constant state of glorious chaos. She was inspired to write Guess What? I Still Love You. because of the way her family was formed, through adoption and biological births. She's also a speaker, storytime enthusiast and blogger.

The long story:

Jessica was born in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (proud Yooper) and attended college at Central Michigan University where she graduated with a degree in Journalism and also met her future husband (more on that later). Instead of writing she chose the advertising side (gasp!) and worked for the student newspaper (CM-Life) selling print advertising. She got a job out of college coordinating advertising staff for another student newspaper at Cal Poly (Mustang News) in San Luis Obispo, California. A move to Colorado brought her to her next job working for two companies in the Rockies, SayNoMore! Promotions and Be Good to People. After 5 years in Colorado, the dream of having kids and getting closer to family landed her in Milwaukee, WI where she brought home all three of her children. A recent job opportunity for her husband and the ability to be even closer to family brought them back to their home state of Michigan in August 2017.

Back to her husband, Jeff.  He's in education, specifically mathematics and is a hilarious math-minded, loveable guy. Together they moved to Colorado and started their married life together. After two-ish years of trying to have kids the big ugly word INFERTILITY became part of their everyday life. Multiple tests and super fun drugs (said no one ever) gave them no answers. They were classified as having unexplained infertility. Instead of IVF they chose to adopt and boy, are they glad they did.

After being selected by a birth mom in Texas they adopted their oldest son Oliver at birth. While waiting for Oliver to be born Jessica found out she was pregnant (crazy is an understatement). Six months after Oliver was born Jessica gave birth to their second son, Hatcher. Now that they knew they could get pregnant why not try again? Two years after Hatcher was born Jessica gave birth to their daughter, Cecelia. Three kids in two years, no big deal (constant chaos).

2017 fam pic